Monday, December 28, 2009

Waiting To get Crafty!

So I went in for my 2 week post op appointment on December 15th. I thought that all things were going awesome. The doctor decided that it was too soon to do an internal exam (hysterectomy) which I thought was fine too. So anyway, I was done, left my appointment went to a different doctor of mine across the hallway to get a messed up Rx figured out. Anyway, long story short, was sent back to see the nurse where I had just gotten out of. Same practice just a different division. I waited out in the waiting room for the nurse Gail then she called me and we were talking and she said lets just go back to her office and check the computer to see what was done. So I was sitting in the office when all of the sudden I felt like I was bleeding! I commented about that and she did not seem too worries for as we both knew there was a possibility of a little bleeding. I felt that this was way more than a little and excused myself to use the restroom. When I came back I told Gail that I was like really really bleeding!

She got me into a room and told the doctor I needed to be seen ASAP. He was in there almost as fast as I had finished getting my bottoms off and onto the table. Yep, sure enough I was bleeding. To make a very long day short.......I ended up in the ER in an emergency operation to stop the hemmoraging. The doctor said it took 1 1/2 hours to get the bleeding stopped. So I have been bound to the bed or couch since then!

I am so dying to be pulling out my craft stuff and start playing with my new goodies. I still have till January 12th before I go back again. Till then I am still on rest without lifting more than 4 lbs and resting!


Thursday, December 17, 2009

I Would Guess I was In The Right Place at The Right Time!

So I am actually couch bound again. Tuesday I went for my 2 week post op appointment. I felt all things were going great! The doctor said it was too soo to do an exam because things were not healed enough. Well that says nothing since before the end of the day on Tuesday I ended up in ER OR emergency surgery for I started to hemmorage. I was actually at the doctors office still when this happened! Can I say right place at the right time again!


Saturday, December 12, 2009

Me and My Busy Life!

I have not posted again as of late! So this is my reason this time......We went to Kansas City for a surprise visit over Thanksgiving to visit my mom and dad and stopped on the way to see my 97 1/2 year old grandma. I think we have had Halloween in there somewhere, my son did go to a party this year-he is 14 and about out of The Trick-or-Treating thing, I had to take my daughter and friend out. They did have fun. Of course, I would only let them go to people we knew so it means a lot of driving. Funny thing there after the girls got back intot the car from one of our friends house my daughter is like what is that smell.....a few minutes later we figured it out and I pulled into a lighted parking lot so she could get out and get the dog poop off of her shoes! Gross! So from that I have been at doctors appointments every few days, running test, dentist appointments and all. I had surgery on December 2nd! This morning is the first morning I am up and moving without having great pains! Whew...I think I am finally on the way to recovery. Not to mention we were at 7 other appointments within the past 5 days! Not a single one was on Monday though!

So I did put a few layouts together while laying on the couch. Hopefully soon I will get pictures taken, uploaded and on my blog!

I have already given myself a few New Years resolutions:

1. Use up what I have!
2. Post more often on my blog!
3. Organize things better! I have also already started doing this!
4. This year I hope to lose some weight too!

So with that said, I am scared to go into my craft area this morning since last week my daughter used my cricut and paper for science project and this morning my son is in there! Please do not make me scream!


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Paper addict 12 step program!

Hi, my name is Denise and I am a paper addict!

Now here is the 12 step program...

1. Take paper out and use a piece.

2. Run to the store and buy 2 more because you cut the last one and have to have a spare for when you might possibly cut the next one.

3. While at the store decide you want another paper pattern. Select and buy it!

4. While still at the store, Decide that now that you are buying a new paper pattern you need a new embellishment that goes with it, buy it.

5. Get home and start working with the new paper, realize that that other embellishment that you saw is also something you wanted to use.

6. Go back to the store and buy all the things that match just so you do not have to waste gas and go back again because you discovered you still needed a different embellishment.

6. Get home and realize that you have all of these embellishments but now do not have but a few pieces of paper of that line.

7. Go back to the store and buy every paper that matches that line.

8. A few days later back at the store looking around see that the old line of paper that you have already and all of the embellishments are now on sale, oh um I have to buy more because it is one sale.

9. Get home file everything together since it all matches. While doing that you realize it matches the other new line you just got.

10. Sad thing is you don't think you have enough of those matching embellishments that you just got for the new line since it looks so great with the old line that you have to go back and get more.

11. Go to the store and get more embellishments. Oh wouldn't you know it, they are putting out a new line of paper!

12..........Decide you are going to save yourself the time and money traveling back and forth since this is new and just being stocked make sure you grab at least one of every matching embellishment as well as 2-3 of each papers. This way you know you have totally covered all bases and have everything plus some of the entire line.


Saturday, October 17, 2009

More Table top Album

This uses Close To My Heart Silhouette retiring 2009 Paper Pack. All items are CTMH except for the rings on the invitation page which my sister Deb got paper and cut these using I believe her sizzix machine and a die.

I also made the invitations out of this paper and sent them out from Florida! The leftover remaining invitation pieces also went up to my mom and dad so that the actual album I made for their anniversary could be added too!


An Anniversary Table Top Album

So although I am very late getting this to my parents for their 51st Anniversary, I did finally finish it and get it sent to them!


Halloween Tri Shutter Card

I went to a copic marker class on Thursday. When in this class I stamped a few extra images that I knew I wanted to use to make a card for my grannie for Halloween. She has just gone back into a nursing home rehab center. She entered there about a month ago was released for 3 days and is back again. I hope that my grannie enjoys this card. After all she is 97 1/2 years old!


11-5-09 Talked with my mom and dad this evening and my mom now has the card. When my dad went to visit he took the card so my mom could see it. The next visit back my dad will bring it back to grannie! Mom thinks it is very neat. I forgot what she said I think it was something like over the top. But she did say she could tell I took a lot of time. My comment was wait till I finish the Thanksgiving card and yes I am doing 2 so I can send them one also! It has a cornicopia, there is a ton on coloring on that!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Dannie's Creative Outlet

This ends October 18th.

I won! It is mine! Isn't that so cool!


Lil Bit Of Me

Saturday, October 17th is the closing date for this candy!


Saturday, September 26, 2009

Another layout!

So these are some papers that I fell in love with at a local scrap store. Anyway I almost totally lifted the layout from the one in the store, just used some different ribbons that I had at home.

This was also the first time I have used a rub-on. The tree leaves are done with rub-on. Note to self for future...cut out rub-on so that the others that are on the sheet do not also get messed up!

Anyway the tree trunk I have embossed with black, then the rub on and then I sponked ink over the top to add a little more color and when that all dried I added stickles! Just gotta have some bling! It really made the tree pop after I added the different color of stickles!


SanDiego Zoo and Wild Animal Park

We went to SanDiego in April of 2009. When we went to the Wild Animal park we actually decided to take the up close feeding tour for the rhinocerous. We got to see more animals from other areas of the park pretty close. These are a few of my favorite things

All items used for these are from Close To My Heart.


Some things I have been working on!

This is from 2008 School pictures after we had moved to the new school.

Items used are Close To My Hear Serendipity special packet! There are some added bling and vellium paper that I used to print on for the journaling.


Saturday, August 29, 2009

La Maison De Papier

Some more great papers and things being given away on September 1st!



I WON, I WON, I WON! I am so excited! New toys!


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Finally some artwork!

So I have been trying to work on some cards for the kids Relay For Life booth for May 1st. I have just finished this one trying to work in a color scheme of brown, green and blue for a color challenge for Odd Bird Planet Earth Day Challenges

This challenge is puton by Sparkles Creations! You can find her awesome work at challenge!

Now my next thing is to figure out how to get the website to be a clickable when I list the others names!


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Health and Happiness

So now, I am not sure who all knows that on of course tax day April 15th I had surgery. I had a lump in my breast that the doctor decided was best to have it removed and sent in for results. The surgery was Wednesday and my follow up was Friday at 3PM. So my husband, Ken and I are sitting out in the lobby waiting when more people are arriving. They guys are like oh hey how are things going? Just like old anyway come to find out they were also all sitting there waiting together on Wednesday while the surgeries were taking place int he room together. So the only two ladies that were out there otherwise none of us had seen. So we were talking a bit but not much~after all this is a waiting room at a doctors office. So as it is I am a bit nervious in regards to the results. Since I have had 2 co-workers both found lumps and the doctor though not much of it but both of them ended up being malaignant. So I am nervious sitting here. Then out walkes this elder woman, we not conclude that she was with these other 2 ladies in the waiting room. She walkes out of the back patient area says nothing and really kind of looks no where and heads out the main door. The other 2 woman jump up and toss their magazines over and take off after her. They one ladys only comment was oh my god! I would only presume from the events that she did not get good news. I only can hope that things are going well for that lady!

So I am back in the room now, waiting for the doctor, knowing that again they have used these steri strips that I am allergic to on the incision. I have again broken out in blisters. The doctor comes in and says well good he is looking at the incision, well these things have to come off, I guess since Monday we will have to do! I am like no, it was Wednesday! No regard he is now coming at me with this sharp scalpal thingiee...poke...ouch...hold problem! I guess holding your breath for the removal of 10 of those every so sticky steri strips ripping off the flesh of your skin is not the right thing to do! So anyway, he removed them and was going to get some cream from the counter to put onto this ever so painful incision when I am like sitting there going, Hello...I feel dizzy!

Next thing I know, I am laying on the table and he is taking my pulse saying oh she is going to be just fine as he is taking my pulse calling in some other help. So Ihave to say I never saw a doctor book so fast in my life.

So long story short I have been blog surfing a lot this past week because I have been sitting Idol!

Anyway today I got information that I won some candy! This is from Sparkle at Sparkles Creations!

Tops off great news for a great week!


Sunday, February 22, 2009

Cleaning and Moving!

So if anyone follows or looks at my blog I am just posting here today to let you know a few things. If you do not already know we are in the process of moving back from the Keys house to the Bonita house. The Keys house and the boat are up for sale.
I am waiting for mid March when my sister Deb, her husband Paul and daughter Shannon are going to be visiting down here. I am so trying to complete all the things that need getting done before her trip so that this time I may have the oppertunity to visit with my sister and family!!!

It seems that somehow I have to complete the sidetracking that others in the family seem to have. So this past week, I have been painting the inside of the house. Seems that the Mr. of the family did not like the wall colors after painting and redoing the entertainment center, so somehow that becomes my problem. I finished the kitchen, living room, den, and hallways. The house seems to be about complete. We have started this weekend on the garage!
My printer did get hooked up yesterday, but I have yet to download a bunch of pictures. That shall come soon. So for now just imagine a 6 foot pile of boxes covering the garage floor! End to End! That is what I am tackeling this week!
So I guess I shall have to start more blogging and hopefully soon I will be loading more photos.
For now I will just put in a few pictures of one of the lastfewbasketball games that I took cheerleading pictures of. Samantha is in both pictures!

The other picture is Tiffini. I took this one on my birthday when I got the telephoto lens.


Saturday, January 24, 2009

Beach Bum Scrapbook Pages

So I made this layout a long time ago! I am just now figuring out how to post photos to my blog.

I have used Close To My Heart paper for this project. The decorative shells and starfish have been made using sizix die. I loaded the cuts with microbeads and liquid glass. There are actually little micro shells on this page. The Beach Bum saying I used my Cricut to cut! Several stamp sets from Close To My Heart have also been used in this project.