Thursday, April 23, 2009

Finally some artwork!

So I have been trying to work on some cards for the kids Relay For Life booth for May 1st. I have just finished this one trying to work in a color scheme of brown, green and blue for a color challenge for Odd Bird Planet Earth Day Challenges

This challenge is puton by Sparkles Creations! You can find her awesome work at challenge!

Now my next thing is to figure out how to get the website to be a clickable when I list the others names!


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Health and Happiness

So now, I am not sure who all knows that on of course tax day April 15th I had surgery. I had a lump in my breast that the doctor decided was best to have it removed and sent in for results. The surgery was Wednesday and my follow up was Friday at 3PM. So my husband, Ken and I are sitting out in the lobby waiting when more people are arriving. They guys are like oh hey how are things going? Just like old anyway come to find out they were also all sitting there waiting together on Wednesday while the surgeries were taking place int he room together. So the only two ladies that were out there otherwise none of us had seen. So we were talking a bit but not much~after all this is a waiting room at a doctors office. So as it is I am a bit nervious in regards to the results. Since I have had 2 co-workers both found lumps and the doctor though not much of it but both of them ended up being malaignant. So I am nervious sitting here. Then out walkes this elder woman, we not conclude that she was with these other 2 ladies in the waiting room. She walkes out of the back patient area says nothing and really kind of looks no where and heads out the main door. The other 2 woman jump up and toss their magazines over and take off after her. They one ladys only comment was oh my god! I would only presume from the events that she did not get good news. I only can hope that things are going well for that lady!

So I am back in the room now, waiting for the doctor, knowing that again they have used these steri strips that I am allergic to on the incision. I have again broken out in blisters. The doctor comes in and says well good he is looking at the incision, well these things have to come off, I guess since Monday we will have to do! I am like no, it was Wednesday! No regard he is now coming at me with this sharp scalpal thingiee...poke...ouch...hold problem! I guess holding your breath for the removal of 10 of those every so sticky steri strips ripping off the flesh of your skin is not the right thing to do! So anyway, he removed them and was going to get some cream from the counter to put onto this ever so painful incision when I am like sitting there going, Hello...I feel dizzy!

Next thing I know, I am laying on the table and he is taking my pulse saying oh she is going to be just fine as he is taking my pulse calling in some other help. So Ihave to say I never saw a doctor book so fast in my life.

So long story short I have been blog surfing a lot this past week because I have been sitting Idol!

Anyway today I got information that I won some candy! This is from Sparkle at Sparkles Creations!

Tops off great news for a great week!