Sunday, February 22, 2009

Cleaning and Moving!

So if anyone follows or looks at my blog I am just posting here today to let you know a few things. If you do not already know we are in the process of moving back from the Keys house to the Bonita house. The Keys house and the boat are up for sale.
I am waiting for mid March when my sister Deb, her husband Paul and daughter Shannon are going to be visiting down here. I am so trying to complete all the things that need getting done before her trip so that this time I may have the oppertunity to visit with my sister and family!!!

It seems that somehow I have to complete the sidetracking that others in the family seem to have. So this past week, I have been painting the inside of the house. Seems that the Mr. of the family did not like the wall colors after painting and redoing the entertainment center, so somehow that becomes my problem. I finished the kitchen, living room, den, and hallways. The house seems to be about complete. We have started this weekend on the garage!
My printer did get hooked up yesterday, but I have yet to download a bunch of pictures. That shall come soon. So for now just imagine a 6 foot pile of boxes covering the garage floor! End to End! That is what I am tackeling this week!
So I guess I shall have to start more blogging and hopefully soon I will be loading more photos.
For now I will just put in a few pictures of one of the lastfewbasketball games that I took cheerleading pictures of. Samantha is in both pictures!

The other picture is Tiffini. I took this one on my birthday when I got the telephoto lens.


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