Saturday, October 17, 2009

Halloween Tri Shutter Card

I went to a copic marker class on Thursday. When in this class I stamped a few extra images that I knew I wanted to use to make a card for my grannie for Halloween. She has just gone back into a nursing home rehab center. She entered there about a month ago was released for 3 days and is back again. I hope that my grannie enjoys this card. After all she is 97 1/2 years old!


11-5-09 Talked with my mom and dad this evening and my mom now has the card. When my dad went to visit he took the card so my mom could see it. The next visit back my dad will bring it back to grannie! Mom thinks it is very neat. I forgot what she said I think it was something like over the top. But she did say she could tell I took a lot of time. My comment was wait till I finish the Thanksgiving card and yes I am doing 2 so I can send them one also! It has a cornicopia, there is a ton on coloring on that!


Kendra said...

Great card, and I love that ghost...never seen him before, but he's awesome!

Denise said...

Thank you so much!

The ghost is from Stampendous stretch line!