Thursday, October 22, 2009

Paper addict 12 step program!

Hi, my name is Denise and I am a paper addict!

Now here is the 12 step program...

1. Take paper out and use a piece.

2. Run to the store and buy 2 more because you cut the last one and have to have a spare for when you might possibly cut the next one.

3. While at the store decide you want another paper pattern. Select and buy it!

4. While still at the store, Decide that now that you are buying a new paper pattern you need a new embellishment that goes with it, buy it.

5. Get home and start working with the new paper, realize that that other embellishment that you saw is also something you wanted to use.

6. Go back to the store and buy all the things that match just so you do not have to waste gas and go back again because you discovered you still needed a different embellishment.

6. Get home and realize that you have all of these embellishments but now do not have but a few pieces of paper of that line.

7. Go back to the store and buy every paper that matches that line.

8. A few days later back at the store looking around see that the old line of paper that you have already and all of the embellishments are now on sale, oh um I have to buy more because it is one sale.

9. Get home file everything together since it all matches. While doing that you realize it matches the other new line you just got.

10. Sad thing is you don't think you have enough of those matching embellishments that you just got for the new line since it looks so great with the old line that you have to go back and get more.

11. Go to the store and get more embellishments. Oh wouldn't you know it, they are putting out a new line of paper!

12..........Decide you are going to save yourself the time and money traveling back and forth since this is new and just being stocked make sure you grab at least one of every matching embellishment as well as 2-3 of each papers. This way you know you have totally covered all bases and have everything plus some of the entire line.



Wendy said...

Ha....this is funny, Denise! And so very true!

Have a great day!

Mina said...

ooohhhh brilliant Denise, so true and so very funny...thanks for joining in with my candy and good luck
Mina xxx

Mary said...

Denise....I feel like I know you... I am an addict too... My New Years resolution is to use what I have....of course that's the same resolution I had last year....I LOVE PAPER and anything you can put on it.....I'm glad I found your blog...Your work is very, very nice!

Stempelientje said...

Very recognisable!!

Peggie said...

Love this. Suits me to a "T". lol