Saturday, December 12, 2009

Me and My Busy Life!

I have not posted again as of late! So this is my reason this time......We went to Kansas City for a surprise visit over Thanksgiving to visit my mom and dad and stopped on the way to see my 97 1/2 year old grandma. I think we have had Halloween in there somewhere, my son did go to a party this year-he is 14 and about out of The Trick-or-Treating thing, I had to take my daughter and friend out. They did have fun. Of course, I would only let them go to people we knew so it means a lot of driving. Funny thing there after the girls got back intot the car from one of our friends house my daughter is like what is that smell.....a few minutes later we figured it out and I pulled into a lighted parking lot so she could get out and get the dog poop off of her shoes! Gross! So from that I have been at doctors appointments every few days, running test, dentist appointments and all. I had surgery on December 2nd! This morning is the first morning I am up and moving without having great pains! Whew...I think I am finally on the way to recovery. Not to mention we were at 7 other appointments within the past 5 days! Not a single one was on Monday though!

So I did put a few layouts together while laying on the couch. Hopefully soon I will get pictures taken, uploaded and on my blog!

I have already given myself a few New Years resolutions:

1. Use up what I have!
2. Post more often on my blog!
3. Organize things better! I have also already started doing this!
4. This year I hope to lose some weight too!

So with that said, I am scared to go into my craft area this morning since last week my daughter used my cricut and paper for science project and this morning my son is in there! Please do not make me scream!


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Mary said...

Good Morning.....Your goals and mine are very much alike. I need to get into my craft room this morning too....I made 2 cards yesterday and I'm working on an album. I wish I could say my kids messed up my room, but it was all me! Maybe I should add to my goal a neater crafter! Ya, like that's gonna happen :-) Have a great day!